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Rethinking Network Management with Arista and XMPP

Are you tired of console cables and different flavors of PuTTY? Do the sheer number of SSH sessions piling up in your jump server overwhelm you? Considering the advanced features and cutting edge chipsets that today’s datacenter switches provide, it does seem odd that our method of managing them hasn’t changed much over the years. One of Edge’s new technology partners, Arista, offers some much needed improvements on the “hunt and peck” network management style through the use of open standards. For those of you new to Arista (or that... Read More

Hands-on with Arista VM Tracer

Arista VM Tracer

At the end of 2016, HPE announced that they were partnering with Arista Networks for all datacenter networking opportunities moving forward. Arista’s been making a lot of waves in the industry recently, so as strategic HPE partners, we are very excited about the technology that Arista brings. Arista’s networking portfolio uses Fedora Linux at the core. Useful tools like grep, cat, zcat, tcpdump, awk and more are ready to go from boot. Administrators can choose to work in the bash shell if they are familiar with Linux or work in... Read More

Veeam Physical is Here

You have most likely heard about Veeam and its growing success in the backup market for years. Its intuitive interface paired with abundant features, competitive pricing, and simplified licensing model have set it apart from many of its competitors. It continues to remain a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant and a fast-growth favorite with IDC in 2016. I don’t think many people question the fact that when it comes to virtualized server backup and replication, Veeam is the holy grail. Physical server support has been missing since the beginning and... Read More

Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) and Your Data Center

It can be difficult these days to keep up with all the new product releases and offerings that churn through the technological landscape. It seems that as soon as one technology matures, another technology rises up to take its place such as virtual extensible LAN (VXLAN). Some of these tech trends don’t make it much further than product marketing, but some actually stick and begin to be widely accepted as practice. From my perspective, the technologies that don’t persist are ones that don’t solve a “real” problem. Sure, there might... Read More

Maximize IT Storage Spend in a Flash

Let’s face it: IT budgets are tight for every business, everywhere, so everyone wants to maximize IT storage spend. As tight as finances are, today’s advanced infrastructure components are driving more value by eliminating legacy complexity that slows innovation and adds cost. All-flash storage arrays, like the HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7450, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, are helping to drive this efficiency overhaul. Once hailed as too expensive for the average IT budget, today’s all-flash storage arrays can cost about as much as spinning disk1 yet deliver up to 20PB... Read More

Hitachi Data Systems Upgrades: HDS VSP G1500

In October 2016 Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) announced an upgrade to its industry leading Tier 1 offering, the HDS VSP G1000, transforming it into the powerful, chart-topping HDS VSP G1500 (henceforth referred to as G1500).   This is part of their overall digital transformation initiative for their fiscal year. Benefits of VSP G1500 Upgrade The G1000 hardware upgrade is designed to replace the virtual storage directors (VSD) pairs bringing with it a 40% performance enhancement or nearly 5 million IOPS potential from an upgraded array. The upgrade, formerly known as project... Read More

Stronger Encryption: Exploring EAP with Edge Solutions

Are you frustrated by constantly having to change your wireless pre-shared keys when an employee leaves or when someone unwittingly leaks the password? Are you tired of seeing unauthorized users popping up on your internal wireless networks? Are you looking to implement stronger encryption to protect your sensitive data as it travels across the air? Good news – you can do all of this by utilizing Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) over the 802.1x framework and moving to an WPA2-Enterprise environment. This technology is widely supported by most networking manufacturers, but... Read More

The #1 Reason to Consolidate IT: Efficiency

Data center sprawl can cost your business in more ways than you think. Not only does it drain your budget with high operating expenses, it also takes up valuable floor space that could be used for revenue-generating initiatives. Hyper converged solutions can help you save money. If you don’t think your business is falling prey to the ravages of data center sprawl, consider this: Gartner estimated that 2016 would be the year that hyper converged integrated systems increase 79% and reach $2 billion in IT spend. Final results for 2016 are... Read More

Hitachi Content Intelligence: Deliver Relevant Info to the Right People at the Right Time

How far along the digital transformation journey is your enterprise? Hitachi Data Systems recently announced Hitachi Content Intelligence (HCI) which is considered an extension to their Hitachi Content Portfolio (HCP) solution. HCI is the first in the industry to offer content intelligence capabilities with search and analytics, helping businesses transform data “into relevant business information and deliver it to the right people, when it matters most.” What are the Capabilities of Hitachi Content Intelligence? HCI brings object search and analytics functions to new and existing HCP customers for their digital transformation... Read More

Data Protection in Amazon Web Services

There are a variety of ways to protect your information while using Amazon Web Services (AWS) but how you approach data protection is dependent on your specific environment. Below, we explore a few use cases and touch on different ways to protect data. One noteworthy takeaway from the use cases below is that data protection should factor in your initial designs, not as an add-on after the fact. AWS EC2 / Cloud Computing There are multiple approaches to using AWS to run software on EC2 instances, including Amazon’s recommendation, using... Read More