Road Warrior Tips

Airbnb for Business Travel?

sharing economy for business travel

The Sharing Economy for Business Travel The sharing economy has significantly changed many traditional industries. The past five years have experienced significant disruption from how we travel and get around town to how we work. For example, Airbnb has changed booking accommodations. Uber has changed how we get around town. ZipCar, in some places, has replaced the need to even own a car. In all these cases, someone who owns something, like a home, is making it available for someone else to borrow. With Uber, someone is using their own... Read More

Getting Your Business Travel Tax Deductions

business travel tax deductions

As a business traveler, you probably know that the IRS loves to make tax deductions on business travel complicated. Why? Well, because many business travelers cheat and the IRS knows they do. So, the agency is trying to close every loophole, making it harder for business travelers who qualify for tax deductions to successfully claim them. As a frequent business traveler, we know these tax deductions are important to you, so we put together some information that we hope will help you claim your business travel tax deductions. Defining Business... Read More

5 Packing Tips for Business Travelers

When you frequently travel for business, the best way to combat the struggles of “living out of a suitcase” is to embrace these packing tips for business travelers from our very own Edge Solutions road warriors. These are tried-and-true tips that ease travel prep and help you know what and how to pack to make the most of your time. NEVER check luggage Road warriors prefer to carry-on luggage even when checked baggage fees are reimbursable by the company. You will save valuable time that is better spent doing other... Read More

Safety Tips for Business Travelers

Along with adhering to the Boy Scout motto of “Be prepared,” we’d like to emphasize another adage as part of our safety tips for business travelers: Be proactive. Unfortunately, the “Friendly Skies” don’t always live up to the name and the lack of amenities in flight isn’t the only thing to blame. Plus, there’s potential peril on the ground, too. Here are 11 safety tips for business travelers you should plan to implement on your next business trip. 1. Download a map of your destination and resources Not only will... Read More

Time Management Tips for Business Travelers


When traveling for business, it can be tempting to forget your routines and become a bit too laissez-faire about being productive. Avoid the temptation, because you’re not on vacation. If you use your travel time productively, you will be in a good position when you return to the office. To enhance your travel productivity even more, consider implementing a few of these time management tips for business travelers. Evaluate Your Time Management Systems Through the years, you most likely adopted time management tricks and systems. It’s inevitable that some of... Read More

4 Ways to Exercise when you Travel for Work

Let’s face it. Fitting in fitness while on the road can be a challenge. Time zone changes. Late-night dinners with cocktails. Travel delays. Our team at Edge Solutions has experienced the struggle first-hand as we travel to our clients around the country to create IT solutions that give them a competitive edge. While you might see these as obstacles to keeping up your fitness routine, your personal trainer will see them as excuses to get out of a workout. We can save you from your trainer’s wrath by these four... Read More

Business Travel Hacks: Make the Most Out of Your Travel Time

When you’re a road warrior for business, you have a unique set of requirements from those travelers that hit the road (or skies) for leisure. The more business travel hacks you implement from our ideas below, the better your overall travel experience. Get Your Tech in Check Even when traveling on vacation our packing lists need to include all of our devices—phones, tablets, laptops, iPods—for planning and entertainment plus all of the chargers to keep them running. When we travel for business, our devices and laptops aren’t just nice to... Read More

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Holds its Reign as World’s Most Traveled Airport

It’s no surprise to us that Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International airport has been named, once again, the “World’s Busiest Airport.” Hartsfield has held this title for the 18th year in a row. Not only is Atlanta in the No. 1 spot, but it also became the first airport in the world to process 100 million passengers in a calendar year according to USA Today. Interested in the other airports that come close? According to the Airports Council International (ACI) trade group, here are the top 10 busiest airports in the world by... Read More

What’s the Hype about TSA Pre-Check?

Despite summer coming to an end and all of the leisure travel with it, airport security lines still seem to take forever. It’s no myth—airport security lines are growing longer and our patience is growing thinner each time we approach the line. If you’re like some of us, you may wonder what the buzz about TSA Pre-Check is all about. It’s been around for a few years, but why the sudden hype? Is it really worth the money and application process? How did I end up with “TSAPRECHECK” on my... Read More

Edge Solutions Gears Up for Alpharetta’s Fall Festivals

Alpharetta Fall Festivals with Edge Solutions

Our Edge Solutions family and friends constantly rave about our conveniently located Georgia office. Nestled in the heart of downtown Alpharetta, our location is vibrant because of good restaurants, shopping, music, festivals and more. During the summer months, we love to use our prime location for food trucks (and air conditioning!), but some of our favorite Alpharetta festivals occur in the fall. Whether you’re an Alpharetta native, or just want something fun to do to celebrate the season, check out some of the Alpharetta fall festivals to attend. Scarecrow Harvest... Read More