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IT Data Security SolutionsData security challenges are getting more sophisticated as IT technology and the Internet evolve. The need to protect your data and applications evolves at this same rate. According to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, the number of records breached in 2015 was more than twice that of 2014. How can you cost-effectively secure your environment?

We bring key services and solutions that successfully support and integrate with your infrastructure, including next generation firewalls, vulnerability management, data encryption solutions—both at rest and in flight—to name a few.

Our talented team can separate fact from fiction when it comes to security challenges. We will develop an effective data security solution customized for your business. Let our dynamic team help your organization avoid the financial risk of a potential breach before it happens.

You know your business, your application security and data security requirements better than anyone, so we’ll start the process by listening to your needs and learning from your insight about your business and process flows. We’ve found that a solid relationship with our customers built on collaboration leads to the best security solutions.

Your business will benefit from our prior experience building data security solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. In addition, we have extensive experience with PCI and HIPPA compliance requirements as the Edge Solutions team works in highly regulated industries. We use this expertise to hit the ground running as we begin to plan customized security solutions for your business.

The data security experts at Edge Solutions continuously innovate and are committed to building our expertise by monitoring the latest developments and working with our peers and partners in industry. This commitment means that we can deliver the absolute latest technology to each of our customers.

Edge Solutions gives you a competitive advantage with industry-leading information security solutions and services. These solutions and services enable your organization to operate with reduced threat of unauthorized access to your customer data and intellectual property.

Ask us about our innovative security audits that will make you think twice about your current network vulnerability. We want to help your organization increase data security and gain a competitive advantage.