Data Storage Solutions

Data Storage ServicesThe big data explosion is upon us.  The human civilization collectively produces five exabytes of data every two days.* The size and complexity of structured and unstructured data being created by your organization is also vast, significant, and may often seem unwieldy.   We know that your data, systems and applications are critical to the success of your business in serving your customers.  Leverage the experience of the Edge Solutions team to develop comprehensive data storage services that address your business challenges, and gives you a competitive advantage.

Comprehensive Data Storage Services

Edge Solutions does not simply sell disk arrays, disk drives or RAID; rather, we assess your environment to custom-design data storage services that meet your specific requirements:


In addition to offering what you would expect in the way of storage solutions, we are also meeting customer demands for specific solutions to resolve their pain points. Our experience with customers tells us that the biggest challenges related to data storage solutions include:

  • Managing complexity and cost
  • Maintaining data integrity throughout backup and recovery processes
  • Managing the growth of their storage for a more effective backup process
  • Complying with industry regulations regarding storage of specific data


Our goal is to work with you to solve these types of challenges.

Our team takes the time to learn about your specific business needs.  We develop custom storage solutions for small, medium and large organizations utilizing the best technology from multiple manufacturers.  Because our team understands how these elements relate to your entire IT environment, we know what the implications will be throughout your infrastructure.  Look to Edge Solutions for data storage solutions as well as the related IT infrastructure technologies.

Ask us about our approach to working with each customer using our robust methodology to design and support your storage solution throughout the technology lifecycle.