Design Your Edge™

Edge Solutions works to make a true difference in the way you do business through a successful IT solution implementation.  One of our higher education customers recently commented on the “remarkable customer service and expertise [we received] from Edge Solutions.”

How do we make that happen every time?  We start with the design of a cutting edge solution that follows a detailed process, and meets your up-front requirements.

We employ a comprehensive process for designing and delivering an IT solution that provides a competitive advantage.  We want you to receive IT solutions and services from Edge Solutions that deliver

    •    The best technology
    •    Distinctly better processes
    •    Increased returns
    •    Improved outcomes for your customers


The Design Your Edge process ensures the best business outcome.  Our team walks hand-in-hand with you to evaluate your current state, future and immediate needs, budget, timeline and overall requirements for a project.  This includes the benefit you want delivered to your business, organization or facility.  In addition, we are nimble and can make adaptations along the way.  Here are the steps:


      • Root Problem Identification
      • Business Needs Assessment
      • Benchmark Comparison (if needed)
      • Gap Analysis


      • Operational Planning
      • Infrastructure Planning
      • Proof of Concept (if needed)
      • Technology Evaluation
      • Selection
      • Financial Solution Evaluation


Our long-time industry expertise, dynamic team, technical certifications and genuine interest in your success, Edge Solutions delivers the best solution.  When we Design Your Edge, you receive:

    •  Comprehensive documentation outlining the requirements, solution and benefits
    •  Solution design
    •  Financial estimates for budgeting
    •  Financial services recommendations for procurement
    •  Recommendations for long-term planning to optimize, maintain and/or dispose/recycle the solution when warranted


Ask us more about how we invest time and energy into making companies like yours successful through our Design Your Edge process.