Financing Options

The team at Edge Solutions is dedicated to making your IT implementation go smoothly.  We understand that financing an IT solution can be one of the most challenging parts of the process.  Our account executive team provides many options to each customer, and frames them in a way for our IT clients to take them to their finance teams or review committees for approval.

Edge Solutions offers a wide range of leasing and financing options.  Each is designed to help you get the IT solution you need while minimizing the financial and technological risks that accompany ownership.

Specifically, leasing options provide your organization the ability to match cost with benefits by spreading payments over the useful life of the asset.  Leasing enables you to avoid large up-front payments, allows more flexibility to accommodate additional needs, and gain predictable, month-to-month expense-facilitating budget reporting and planning.  Leasing also offers the following benefits.

    • Enables you to acquire a solution right now, even if the budget is not available
    • Spreads costs across lifetime of solution
    • Helps defeat obsolescence by enabling technology refresh alternatives
    • Conserves capital for other projects
    • Gives one simple payment plan, tailored to your needs
    • Transfers credit risk to lessor
    • Increases cash flow
    • Can be treated as an expense rather than a depreciation


Ask us how Edge Solutions delivers a comprehensive solution with a leasing or financing option that works for you.