Healthcare IT Solutions

Healthcare IT Solutions

The team at Edge Solutions knows containing costs while improving efficiency and delivery of healthcare services is critical. The adoption of healthcare IT solutions and intelligent technology that connects people to information is the key to expanding access, improving quality, and reducing costs throughout the healthcare industry. We deliver a competitive advantage by leveraging partnerships with leading manufacturers, such as Intel, HP and Hitachi Data Systems and a range of industry-specific independent software vendors.

Intelligent IT Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Edge Solutions is able to offer intelligent healthcare IT solutions that help connect people to the right information.  This ensures timely, accurate decision-making and record keeping across the continuum of care.  Our healthcare IT solutions include:

Managed Healthcare IT Services

Edge Solutions is a trusted advisor to care providers.  We have extensive knowledge of the technology, business, regulatory environment, and funding of healthcare. Our dedicated account managers each have over a decade of experience addressing the technology needs of healthcare providers.

Edge Solutions delivers superior customer service with local support and IT solutions that meet the needs of today’s healthcare providers and help you achieve:

    • Improved healthcare delivery and access
    • Greater workflow efficiency and productivity
    • Higher quality of care
    • Better informed clinical decision making
    • Superior cost performance


Ask us about our software solutions that beat out the “big names” in performance, cost and overall useability.