IT Technology Services

Edge Solutions Professional Services

At Edge Solutions, we know the importance of IT technology services to the success of your business.

Our dedicated IT tech services experts evaluate your needs with our proprietary Design Your Edge™ process to ensure the best outcome for your specific business. Before recommending a service, we identify the root problem, consider your business needs and conduct a gap analysis. It is only after we have evaluated your current state, future needs, budget and timeline, that we recommend the technology services you need.

We have a host of services that meet your needs throughout the entire technology lifecycle, including:

      • Professional Services
        From assessments and proof-of-concepts to staff augmentation and on-site support, Edge Solutions ensures the right services fit for your requirements. This comprehensive strategy drives our customers’ projects to successful completion every time.
      • Managed Services
        Edge Solutions delivers worry-free business computing by making IT operations much easier and more cost effective by providing solutions that are hosted and managed outside your organization. Experience the many benefits of managed services when you rely on our expertise and experience to manage your
      • IT Asset and Contract Management
        Edge Solutions’ EdgeTraxSM service simplifies the tracking and management of all of your IT assets and maintenance contracts in one easy-to-use online interface. This service empowers your IT staff with information and frees them from the information-gathering process so that they can focus on the things that matter most.
      • Education Services and Training
        Our comprehensive portfolio of manufacturer technical training courses are designed to keep your team on top of the latest technology and to meet all of your training needs—individual, departmental and organizational. Whether conducted online or in person, every training session is led by professional trainers, consultants or engineers.

Ask us about our Design Your Edge™ process to determine what IT technology services our experts recommend for a successful IT implementation.