By Industry

Edge Solutions provides proactive IT solutions by industry to companies and organizations of all sizes and disciplines. In addition, we have industry-specific expertise where we excel. We are the most nimble, proactive IT solutions provider by industry in the southern United States. Businesses in healthcare, government, education, finance, digital media, technology, retail and more rely on Edge Solutions to give them a competitive advantage. We look forward to learning how we can do the same for your business. Ask us about our dedicated industry teams, vertical IT software solutions and implementation success in:


We take pride in our expert implementation of IT solutions by industry and how we deliver on our promise to give you solutions that keep you in front of your competition.

We help you Design Your EdgeTM with our exclusive process that ensures the best outcomes because we are thorough in our evaluation of your current state and needs, we listen to how you want to change now and for the future, and we keep your overall budget in mind to maximize the return of your IT assets. We mold our service and solutions to fit the needs of your specific business. If we help you achieve your goals with our proactive solutions, we’ve done our job. This requires continuous innovation in pursuit of exceeding your expectations.

Our industry-specific expertise means we are aware of the issues that typically plague businesses in your field, therefore, we can skip to the good stuff—getting to know the issues that are unique to your business.

Our follow-up and systems reviews are second to none. Rest assured that when we create and execute an industry-specific IT solution for your business, our account executives are with you throughout the process including the follow-up after our solution has been delivered.  

When you pair [HP] with the remarkable customer service and expertise from Edge Solutions, how could we go wrong?   We simply couldn’t be happier with the HP solution Edge has helped us create.

Director of Information and Learning Technologies, Central Carolina Technical College